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Sam Alibrando, Ph.D., is a respected speaker and trainer, with results-oriented workshops and talks available in a variety of formats and topics. Samples of these can be viewed in the videos below. For a Speaker Price List or to discuss or schedule a workshop or talk, contact Dr. Alibrando at (626) 234-8303 or info@apc3.com.

Dr. Sam Alibrando spoke to the Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) in Pasadena, California, to discuss practical ways of understanding and developing emotional intelligence in their workplaces. The PIHRA represents more than 4,000 members and is dedicated to enhancing human resources through networking, learning, and advocacy.

Dr. Sam Alibrando discusses Behavioral Imbalance.

Sam Alibrando explains his idea of the Interpersonal Triangle

Emotional Intelligence: Finding Your Sweet Spot with Dr. Sam Alibrando.

What difference would it make if your leaders were emotionally intelligent? Dr. Sam Alibrando explains.

Sam Alibrando Talks about difficult people and to manage yourself first.
Using Dorothy's three companions to identify the three dimensions of interpersonal relations.

Workshop Summaries

The Three Dimensions of the Emotionally Intelligent Therapist

This workshop is for psychotherapists. The Interpersonal Triangle is a meta-model based on the works of Karen Horney, Wilfred Bion and Elias Porter. Its three dimensions describe the three axes on which human beings interpersonally move and connect to others: the Against or Power axis, the Toward or Love axis and the Away or Mindfulness axis. After introducing the model, we will apply it in practical terms toward understanding our clients, addressing our own therapeutic engagement and countertransference, projective identification, personality assessment and the growth process. We will mix in neurobiology, cognitive behavioral techniques, family systems and mindfulness theory in good measure. This will truly change the way we think about the therapeutic process.

The Yellow Brick Road to Mindful Parenting

One the most important yet challenging responsibilities (and joys) we will ever have is parenting our children. In this workshop, Dr. Alibrando takes principles from his book, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and transforms them into tools that every parent can use to manage themselves as they parent their children well. The workshop also focuses on guiding the parent as they learn to develop in their children’s healthy “Scarecrow-Mindfulness, Tin Man-Heart, and Lion-Power” capacities—which are so necessary for successful living.

Sam Alibrando tells a story about his daughter sammy to show how to manage yourself first.

Manage Yourself First: The Secret to Managing Others

Ask anyone, “What are the biggest challenges that you face?” and their response is likely to include an issue with a “difficult person” (employee, spouse, family member, etc.). This workshop, based on Dr. Alibrando’s award-winning book on emotional intelligence, helps people identify and understand their “reactivity style” and learn how to move from being reactive to being response-able and therefore effective in their communication, especially with “difficult people.”

The Yellow Brick Road to Mindful Partnering (for couples)

One the most desired, important and difficult relationships we will ever have is with our partner. In this workshop, Dr. Alibrando takes principles from his book Follow the Yellow Brick Road and translates them to tools that every couple can use to bring their relationship to the next level of intimacy and fulfillment.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road –Keynote

Dr. Alibrando takes the principles from his book Follow the Yellow Brick Road  (based on the great American Myth and wonderful children’s story, The Wizard of Oz), and will apply it to the particular needs and interest of your organization –all in a fun, dynamic keynote talk.