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Our Services

Our Services


APC provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families. Our ideal client is an individual or couple serious about transformation who recognize the need for an experienced facilitator and partner in that change. We bring over seven decades of combined experience to the art and practice of psychotherapy, incorporating the latest advances in psychotherapy—including relational psychoanalysis, neurobiology, and mindfulness—helping individuals and families elevate themselves out of painful patterns of relating and dysfunctional coping to enjoy more full and prosperous lives. Sessions are innovative, intuitive, and always confidential.

Specializing in:

  • Intensive psychodynamic (depth) psychotherapy for individuals

  • Couple and family therapy

  • Parenting (and co-parenting, for divorced parents and blended families)

  • Adolescent therapy

  • Women’s whole life issues (parenting, health, work-life)

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Sex addiction and help for partners of sex addicts along with other compulsive/addictive behaviors (including drug or alcohol addictions)

  • Infidelity recovery

  • Divorce recovery and co-parenting conflict resolution

  • Work and career issues

  • Keynotes, workshop facilitation for your organization

Group Therapy

One of the most affordable, yet powerful ways to facilitate personal change in one’s life is through professionally led psychotherapy and support groups. Here are some examples of groups often address:

  • Sex-addiction group for men

  • Mixed-gender interpersonal growth group

  • Support group: Women, wives, and workers

  • Mindful mothering

  • Supervision group for therapist.

  • Executive/leadership-coaching performance group

Collaborative Divorce & Dispute Resolution

A new model for divorce has been developed that offers hope to men and women who are concerned about accomplishing their separation or divorce in a healthy way. An important alternative to litigation, Collaborative Divorce provides an interdisciplinary team approach for divorce. Lawyers, family therapists, and neutral accountants form teams with clients to address all difficult issues of divorce/separation.

Organizational Consulting & Executive coaching

Alibrando Psychological Consulting provides organizational consultation to growth-oriented businesses and organizations. Successful organizations and teams are built on successful relationships and positive culture; our expertise is in the business of relationships and their role in the development and effectiveness of organizational strategies.

The goal of Alibrando Psychological Consulting is to facilitate a practical and philosophical transformation of your organization. This goal is achieved by maximizing the human factors at work: effective employee selection, leadership development, team or partnership development, culture assessment and enhancement and organizational development.

Supervision & Training

Academic training—although necessary—is arguably the least important discipline that helps psychotherapists learn the art of psychotherapy. We become better therapists by our own personal psychotherapy and by competent respectful supervision.

Based on our decades of practical experience and faculty positions in graduate school programs, we provide both psychotherapy for clinical students in need of their own training/therapy as well as clinical supervision for interns, trainees, and licensed professionals. Please call us for more information.


Coaching is for people who do not need psychotherapy but are still looking for a professionally-facilitated process. Coaching focuses on the “Now what?” and is often solution- or goal-focused. Some of the life areas we address in coaching are:

  • Career and work Issues

  • Parenting (for married couples or single parents) and co-parenting (for divorced parents and blended families)

  • Mothering in the early years

  • Holistic health and life balance (physical, psychological, and spiritual)

  • Executive and leadership development