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Who We Are

Who We Are




Sam Alibrando, Ph.D.

Sam has worked with individuals and families as a therapist for over 35 years—first as a marriage and family therapist, and then as a clinical psychologist. He strongly believes in a process of “collaborative healing” where the client and the professional team-up to bring about a therapeutic and growing process together.

Sam Alibrando is also an author. His seminal work on the change process is Follow the Yellow Brick Road: How to Change for the Better When Life Gives You Its Worst. His newest award-winning book, The 3 Dimensions of Emotions, offers a new way to understand emotional intelligence and find your relational “sweet spot”— the dynamic intersection of power, heart, and mindfulness.



Sam received his bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and his doctorate from the Rosemead School of Psychology. He served as an adjunct professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, where he taught executive coaching. He has served as an associate clinical professor at Fuller’s Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California. Dr. Alibrando is also a member of the Board of Directors of Rose City Center, a non-profit that offers quality in-depth psychotherapy to underserved communities on a sliding scale.



Janette Davis, MFT

Janette brings a unique blend of insight, intuition, and caring to everything she does, and she takes these talents to the counseling (consultation) room, whether she is helping:

  • a young girl get along better with her peers at school

  • a couple work through a difficult impasse in their relationship

  • a mother or father parent an oppositional teenager

  • a woman find the balance of physical, psychological, and relational health

  • a businesswoman dig deep to push through disabling depression or anxiety

Janette has a way of making her clients feel understood and accepted while offering them authentic feedback with objective professionalism. Her capacity to help others stems from: a graduate education from a well-regarded school, her own intensive therapy, her fierce curiosity about psychological and spiritual matters, her deep commitment to holistic health, and the invaluable moments spent with her children.


Janette received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Loyola University.


Biljana Bujko, Ph.D.

Dr. Biljana Bujko received her doctoral degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She completed her predoctoral program in Jungian analytical psychotherapy and her postdoctoral training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She has also focused her studies on trauma, sexual addiction and couples therapy.

Dr. Bujko treats variety of issues ranging from personal growth and sustaining meaningful relationships, to chronic mental illness. Dr. Bujko works with adults and couples psychodynamically. She enjoys working with relationship issues, life transitions, parenting, divorce, sex, trauma, anxiety, depression, and identity issues.

Dr.Bujko sees individuals and couples with many ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. She has experience working with cultural diversity, migration and acculturation, as well as personal and trans-generational trauma. Because she is multi-lingual, Biljana can offer treatment in English, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian.